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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

KENTUCKY Bingo Halls

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VFW #1096, 611 Hopkins Street, Albany
Game Day(s): Mon & Fri 7:00pm

St Mary’s Parish, 121 West Main Street, Alexandria
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

Volunteer Fire Dept, 7951 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria
Game Day(s): Sun 12:00noon

Jubliee Bingo Hall, 1525 US 60 West, Ashland
Game Day(s): Every Thu & Fri 6:30pm
(606) 928-4646

Holy Family School, 1009 Winchester Ave, Ashland
Game Day(s): Sun 1:30pm, & Mon 5:30pm

Steel Worker Hall, 734 Carter Avenue, Ashland
Game Day(s): Mon & Thu 6:30pm Contact: Rob Thompson - Commander
(606) 324-7641

American Legion #167, 202 Downs Lane, Bardstown
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

Bardstown Bingo Ctr, 212 Bardstown Plz, Bardstown
Game Day(s): Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 7:00pm, & Sun 6:00 pm
(502) 349-1907

Belfry VFD, 25370 US Hwy 119 North, Belfry
Game Day(s): Sat 7:00pm

Sacred Heart Church, 235 Division Street, Bellevue
Game Day(s): Fri 7:15pm

Bowling Green
Knights of Columbus, 911 Searay Way, Bowling Green
Game Day(s): Call for Schedule
(270) 782-6488

VFW Post 1298, KY Highway 185, Bowling Green
Game Day(s): Sat only 2:00 pm
(270) 781-1872

Knights of Columbus, 1200 High Street, Brandenburg
Game Day(s): Thu 10:00am

Moose Lodge #1177, 245 Main Street, Brandenburg
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm
(270) 422-4814

Payneville Fire Dept, Meade Co Fairgrounds - Fairgrounds Road, Brandenburg
Game Day(s): Sun 7:00 PM
(270) 422-9913

Senior Citizens Center, 1200 Old Ekron Road, Brandenburg
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm
Brooksville Lions Club, Corner of West Miami & Frankfort, Brooksville
Game Day(s): Wed 6:30pm

Immaculate Heart of Mary, 5876 Veterans Way, Burlington
Game Day(s): Fri 7:30pm

VFW #7387, Lafayette & Madison Streets, Cadiz
Game Day(s): Mon 6:30pm

Calvert City
Draffenville Lions Club, 262 Griggstown Road, Calvert City
Game Day(s): Tue 6:30pm

American Legion #82, East Broadway, Campbellsville
Game Day(s): Mon 6:00pm

El Hasa Shrine Temple, Route 180, Cannonsburg
Game Day(s): Wed & Sat 6:30pm

American Legion #41, 123 5th Street, Carrollton
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm

Odd Fellows #64, 1014 Seminary Street, Carrollton
Game Day(s): Fri 6:45pm

American Legion #224, 2501 Center Street, Catlettsburg
Game Day(s): Wed & Sun 6:30pm

Amvets #74, 117 26th Street, Catlettsburg
Game Day(s): Fri & Sun 6:30pm

Central City
Eagles #3345, Eagle Drive, Central City
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm

Knights of Columbus #6743, 1219 St Anthony Church Rd, Clarkson
Game Day(s): Sun 1:00pm

Cloverport Comm VFD, 710 West Houston Street, Cloverport
Game Day(s): Thu 6:00pm

Cold Spring
St Joseph Church, 4011 Alexandria Park, Cold Spring
Game Day(s): Tue 6:00pm

Cole Spring
Elks #273, 3704 Alexandria Pike, Cole Spring
Game Day(s): Mon 7:00pm

Bingo World, 204 N Hills Road, Corbin
Game Day(s): Mon thru Sat 7:00pm
(606) 528-5571

Corbin Bingo Parlor, Interstate 75 Exit 25, Corbin
Game Day(s): Tue-Thu 7:00pm Fri 7:00pm, & 12:00 midnight, Sat 2:00pm, & 7:00, Sun 2:00pm & 7:00pm
(606) 528-0831

VFW #1410, 206 South Kentucky Ave, Corbin
Game Day(s): Tue 11:00am

American Legion #203, 38th & Winston, Covington
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm

Holy Cross Catholic Church, 36th and Church Streets, Covington
Game Day(s): Thu 6:00pm

Holy Cross District HS, 3617 Church Street, Covington
Game Day(s): Mon 7:00pm

Pike Place, 20 W Pike St, Covington
Game Day(s): Daily Mon-Thu 7:00pm, Fri & Sat 7:00pm, & 12midnight, Sun 1:00pm, & 7:00pm
(859) 491-6966

St Augustine Church, 19th & Jefferson Ave, Covington
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm

St John Church, 627 Pike Street, Covington
Game Day(s): Mon 7:15pm

Coxs Creek
St Gregory Church, 330 Samuels Loop, Coxs Creek
Game Day(s): Sun 12:00pm

Crescent Springs
St Joseph Church, 2470 Lorraine Court, Crescent Springs
Game Day(s): Sun 6:00pm

VFW #5171, 1515 East Main Street, Cumberland
Game Day(s): Wed & Sat 6:30pm

Elks Lodge #438, Route 2, Cynthiana
Game Day(s): Mon 6:30pm

American Legion #46, 45 Spears Lane, Danville
Game Day(s): Mon & Thu 6:00pm

Amvets #100, 1170 Danville Bypass, Danville
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm, & Sat 1:00pm

Dawson Springs
American Legion, Industrial Drive, Dawson Springs
Game Day(s): Mon 7:00pm
(270) 797-2114

Eagles #1285, 634 Fifth Ave, Dayton
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

St Bernard Church, 701 Fifth Street, Dayton
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm

VFW #2899, 6th & Main Streets, Dayton
Game Day(s): Wed 7:30pm, & Sun 2:00pm

Immaculate Conception Church, 125 Day Street, Earlington
Game Day(s): Sat 6:30pm

Mun Act & Revit Council, 1608 W Stockton, Edmonton
Game Day(s): Mon & Sat 7:00pm

American Legion, 2007 N Dixie Hwy, Elizabethtown
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm, Fri 7:00pm, Sun 3:30pm
(270) 737-9949

St Henry Parish, 3813 Dixie Highway, Elsmere
Game Day(s): Thu 6:30pm


St Barbara Church, 4042 Turkeyfoot Road, Erlanger
Game Day(s): Sun 3:00pm

St Henry District HS, 3755 Scheben Drive, Erlanger
Game Day(s): Mon & Sat 7:00pm

VFW #6423, 4435 Dixie Highway, Erlanger
Game Day(s): Sun 6:00pm

Evarts Fish & Game Club, 27 Pounding Mill Rd, Evarts
Game Day(s): Sat 5:00pm

Falls of Rough
Falls of Rough VFD, 123 Green Farm Rd, Falls of Rough
Game Day(s): Sat 6:00pm

Fancy Farm
Knights of Columbus #1418, 160 Picnic Blvd, Fancy Farm
Game Day(s): Fri 6:30pm

American Legion #325, Deschum Street, Flatwoods
Game Day(s): Fri-Sat 6:30pm
(606) 836-4121

Greenup Co War Memorial, Hamor Shopping Center, Flatwoods
Game Day(s): Thursday & Sunday - 6:30 pm Contact: Jerri Triplett

Kentucky Charities United Inc, 150 Foster St, Flemingsburg
Game Day(s): Sat 5:00pm, & Sun 3:00pm Contact: Gerald E Puckett
(606) 845-0407

Lucky Bucks Bingo, 150 Foster St, Flemingsburg
Game Day(s): Thu/Fri 7:00pm

VFW #1834, 11 Mount Sterling Rd, Flemingsburg
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm

Lions Charities Inc, 5996 Belair Drive, Florence
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

Lions Club, 29 La Cresta Drive, Florence
Game Day(s): Thu 5:45pm

St Paul Church, 7301 Dixie Highway, Florence
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm

Frankfort Bingo Center, 3 Century Plaza South, Frankfort
Game Day(s): Tue-Sat & Sun 7:00 pm
(502) 223-5933

Lions Club, 308 Ann Street, Frankfort
Game Day(s): Wed 6:30pm

Bingo World, 210 Cherry St, Franklin
Game Day(s): Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun
(270) 586-8181

DAV #125, 210 Cherry Street, Franklin
Game Day(s): Mon 6:45pm

Kentucky Stateline Bingo, 5970 Nashville Road, Franklin
Game Day(s): Call for Schedule
(270) 586-0837

Tabernacle of Prayer Church, 629 West Madison Street, Franklin
Game Day(s): Wed & Sat 6:30pm

Georgetown Bingo, 150 Edwards Ave, Georgetown
Game Day(s): Thu thru Sun 7:00pm
(502) 863-5720

Economic Opportunity Council, Cumberland Gap Parkway, Gray
Game Day(s): Mon & Thu 6:00pm

VFW #5813, 1099 Memorial Hall, Greensburg
Game Day(s): Tue 5:30pm

St Romauld School, 295 North Main Street, Hardinsburg
Game Day(s): Sun 4:15pm

VFW #5831, 812 South Main Street, Hardinsburg
Game Day(s): Tue 6:00pm

Harlan County Rural Fire Dept, 2008 South Highway US 119, Harlan
Game Day(s): Mon & Wed 6:30pm

Moose #2399, Highway 60 East, Harned
Game Day(s): Wed 6:00pm
(270) 756-6359

Blue Grass Bingo, 669 S College St, Harrodsburg
Game Day(s): Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 7:00pm, & Sun 2:00pm
(859) 734-5825

Fort Hartford Muzzleloaders, 2300 Star Route 69N, Hartford
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm

VFW #5766, 1720 Country Club Lane, Hartford
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm

Avawam VFD, 3680 West KY Hwy 80, Hazard
Game Day(s): Mon & Fri 6:30pm

Bingo Palace, Independence Dr, Hazard
Game Day(s): Sun & Tues 6:30pm
(606) 487-0911

Viper Fire and Rescue Inc, 1440 East Main Street, Hazard
Game Day(s): Sat 6:30pm, Sun 12:00noon

Audubon Bingo, 2959 US Highway 41 South, Henderson
Game Day(s): Call for Schedule
(877)-41 BINGO:

Knights of Columbus #1320, 1320 Smith Ave, Henderson
Game Day(s): Fri 6:30pm

Cooperative Blazer Bingo, 1099 Skyline Drive, Hopkinsville
Game Day(s): Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 6:30 pm Contact: Imelda Gorman
(270) 886-3305

Eagles #3423, 2600 Ft Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville
Game Day(s): Tue & Sun 6:00pm

Star Spangle Bingo, 2506 Ft Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville
Game Day(s): Thu & Fri 5:00pm
(270) 886-4996

VFW, VFW Lane, Hopkinsville
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm
(270) 886-7891

IOOF #286, KY Hwy 40, Inez
Game Day(s): Thu 6:30pm

Jeffersontown Bingo, 9125 Galene Dr, Jeffersontown
Game Day(s): Daily, 7:00pm
(502) 266-0026

Garrard Co Dist 1, 208 Industry Road, Lancaster
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

Alton Ruritan Club, 1324 Alton Station Road, Lawrenceburg
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm

St Augustine Church, 236 South Spalding, Lebanon
Game Day(s): Sun 2:00pm

Ball Creek VFD, 4874 Possum Trot Road, Leburn
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm

American Legion #81, 415 Lee Ave, Leitchfield
Game Day(s): Mon & Fri 6:30pm

St Paul Parish Church, 1812 St Paul Road, Leitchfield
Game Day(s): Sat 6:45pm

VFW #1495, 5268 Beaver Dam Road, Leitchfield
Game Day(s): Tue 6:15pm

American Legion #8, 1230 Man O'War, Lexington
Game Day(s): Sat 7:30pm

American Legion #313, 1077 E New Circle Road, Lexington
Game Day(s): Fri 6:45pm

VFW #680, 1494 Leestown Road, Lexington
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm, & Fri 6:00pm

Carr Fork VFD, Rt. 160 & Rt. 582, Littcarr
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

VFW #3302, 3027 West Laurel Road, London
Game Day(s): Sun 6:30pm

Lost Creek
Watts VFD, Highway 15 South, Lost Creek
Game Day(s): Mon & Wed 6:00pm

American Legion #180, 4610 Shelbyville Road, Louisville
Game Day(s): Tue & Fri 6:30pm

American Legion #193, 2800 W Main St, Louisville
Game Day(s): Wed, Thu, Sat 7:45pm
(502) 776-8596

American Legion #201, 2919 Bardstown Road, Louisville
Game Day(s): Tue & Thu 7:00pm

American Legion #229, 800 W Woodlawn Ave, Louisville
Game Day(s): Wed 7:15pm

Charity Hall Bingo, 5001 Stephan Drive, Louisville
Game Day(s): Daily, 7:30pm
(502) 937-8200

Greenwood Bingo, 4529 Greenwood Road, Louisville
Game Day(s): Most every night and midnight, Contact: Mack elder
(502) 935-6263

Hi-View Manor Bingo, 7209 Fegenbush Lane, Louisville
Game Day(s): Call for Schedule
(502) 239-2933

Holy Name Church, 2933 S 4th Street, Louisville
Game Day(s): Fri 7:30pm

Knights of Columbus #5634, 4220 Trio Ave, Louisville
Game Day(s): Sun 7:30pm

Most Blessed Sacrament Church, 1128 Berry Blvd, Louisville
Game Day(s): Tue 7:30pm

Neighborhood House, 8019 Dixie Hwy, Louisville
Game Day(s): Daily
(502) 937-1408

Our Mother of Sorrows Church, 772 Eastern Parkway, Louisville
Game Day(s): Wed 7:15pm

St Cecilia Church, 2519 St Celia Street, Louisville
Game Day(s): Fri 6:00pm

St Elizabeth of Hungary Church, 1020 East Burnett Ave, Louisville
Game Day(s): Tue 7:30pm

St Paul Catholic Church, 6901 Dixie Highway, Louisville
Game Day(s): Fri 6:00pm

St Therese Catholic Church, 1101 East Kentucky Street, Louisville
Game Day(s): Fri 7:30pm

Valley Bingo Hall, 10207 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, Jefferson
Game Day(s): 10:30am, 2:00pm, 7:30pm 12:01pm Contact: Bee Shelton
(502) 935-0744

VFW #1181, 6518 Blevin Gap Road, Louisville
Game Day(s): Sun 6:30pm

VFW #3636, 4809 Poplar Level Road, Louisville
Game Day(s): Fri 6:00pm, & Sun 1:00pm

VFW #5421, 7111 Lower Hunters Trace, Louisville
Game Day(s): Thu 6:30pm

VFW #6182, 992 Longfield Ave, Louisville
Game Day(s): Mon 7:30pm, & Thu 11:00am

VFW #8639, 4205 Lambert Road, Louisville
Game Day(s): Thu 7:30pm

Knights of Columbus #1764, 828 Elm Street, Ludlow
Game Day(s): Tue 6:30pm

Sts Boniface and James Church, 312 Oak Street, Ludlow
Game Day(s): Sun 12:30pm

American Legion #6, 856 Legion Drive, Madisonville
Game Day(s): Wed & Thu 7:00pm

Hopkins County Shrine Club, 5530 N Main Street, Madisonville
Game Day(s): Tue & Fri 6:30pm

Moose Lodge #1563, 1630 South Main Street, Madisonville
Game Day(s): Sun 2:00pm
(270) 821-6643

Lockards Creek VFD, Rt. 3 Hwy 421, Manchester
Game Day(s): Sat 6:30pm

Mayfield HS Cardinals Booster Club, 715 East Broadway, Mayfield
Game Day(s): Mon & Sat 5:45pm
(270) 247-8537

St Patrick Church, 318 Limestone Street, Maysville
Game Day(s): Sun 2:00pm

McDaniels Community Org, Highway 259, McDaniels
Game Day(s): Mon 6:00pm

McQuady Area VFD, Junction 105 & 261, McQuady
Game Day(s): Fri 6:00pm

Bell Co Bingo, 107W Chester Ave, Middlesboro
Game Day(s): Thu & Fri 6:30pm
(606) 248-2404

Fun Time Bingo, 324 N 19th St, Middlesboro
Game Day(s): Mon thru Sat 8:00pm
(606) 242-3878

Middletown Bingo Center, 211 N English Station Rd, Middletown
Game Day(s): Mon-Sat 7:30pm, & Sun 2:00pm
(502) 244-1866

Millersburg Military Academy, 1122 North Main Street, Millersburg
Game Day(s): Wed 6:30pm

American Legion #126, 110 Bishop Ave, Morehead
Game Day(s): Wed 6:30pm

Knights of Columbus, 189 Jim Veatch Road, Morganfield
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm
(270) 389-9111

VFW #5837, Hwy 70 West, Morgantown
Game Day(s): Tue 6:30pm

Mortons Gap
Woodmen of the World Lodge, 138 Cross Street, Mortons Gap
Game Day(s): Mon 7:00pm

Mount Vernon
Valley Bingo, 1610 Richmond Street, Mt Vernon
Game Day(s): Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 7:00pm & Sat midnight
(606) 256-5939

VFW #5908, Lake Linville Road, Mount Vernon
Game Day(s): Sat 6:30pm

Knights of Columbus #6897, 332 Squire Road, Murray
Game Day(s): Tue 6:30pm

Murray Shrine Club, Hwy 121 North, Murray
Game Day(s): Fri 6:30pm

New Haven
Immaculate Conception Church, 8191 New Haven Road, New Haven
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm 1st Sat-12:00pm
(502) 549-3757

St Catherine's Gym, 413 1st Street, New Haven
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm
(502) 549-3680

American Legion #11, 22 East 6th Street, Newport
Game Day(s): Tue & Fri 6:00pm

Corpus Christi Mission, 9th & Isabella Streets, Newport
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm

St Stephen Mission, 840 Washington Ave, Newport
Game Day(s): Sat 7:00pm

VFW #5662, 326 West 10th Street, Newport
Game Day(s): Thu 7:30pm

Oak Grove
American Legion #233, 14633 Fort Campbell Blvd, Oak Grove
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm

Preston Bingo Center, 6201 Preston Hwy, Okolona
Game Day(s): Daily, 7:30 Sun 2:00pm
(502) 962-1141

Silver Heights Bingo, 8220 S Preston Highway, Okolona
Game Day(s): Daily, 7:30pm & 12:00midnight
(502) 969-7808

Moose, 5232 Lee Rudy Rd, Owensboro
Game Day(s): Sat 1:30pm
(270) 684-2319

Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 3560 New Hartford Road, Owensboro
Game Day(s): Tue 6:45pm

Owensboro Catholic HS, 3560 New Hartford Road, Owensboro
Game Day(s): Sat 1:15pm, & Sun 6:00pm

The Arc of Owensboro Inc, 3560 New Hartford Road, Owensboro
Game Day(s): Wed & Fri 6:45pm

American Legion, Jamestown Plaza, Paducah
Game Day(s): Thu 6:00pm
(270) 442-2525

Knights of Columbus #10962, 6725 Old US Hwy 45, Paducah
Game Day(s): Thu & Fri 6:30pm

Mid America XPO Center, 4537 Clarks River Rd, Paducah
Game Day(s): Daily, 6:30pm, Sat & Sun 2:00pm
(270) 898-8919

St Mary HS, 1243 Elmdale Road, Paducah
Game Day(s): Wed & Sun 6:45pm

Traders Flea Market & Bingo Center, 6900 Benton Rd (exit 16 off I-24), Paducah
Game Day(s): Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, & Sat 6:30pm
(270) 898-3144

IOOF #288, 221 Court Street, Paintsville
Game Day(s): Wed & Fri 6:00pm

Rebekah Lodge #116, 221 Court Street, Paintsville
Game Day(s): Thu 6:30pm

Bingo Enterprises, 4241 Lexington Rd, Paris
Game Day(s): Daily, 7:00pm
(859) 987-7098

Park Hills
Covington Catholic HS, 1600 Dixie Highway, Park Hills
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm

St Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, 130 Highway 376, Paynesville
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

Henry County Booster Bingo, 1114 Pendleton Road, Pendleton
Game Day(s): Sat 7:00pm

Pewee Valley
St Aloysius Church, 202 Mt Mercy Drive, Pewee Valley
Game Day(s): Fri 7:30pm

Marrowbone VFD, 5491 East Shelbiana Hwy, Pikeville
Game Day(s): Mon & Sat 6:30pm

VFW #5839, 3106 South Lake Drive, Prestonsburg
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

Knox Bingo Hall, 664 Knox Blvd, Radcliff
Game Day(s): Daily
(270) 352-5825

FOP Bingo, 5095 Atwood Dr, Richmond
Game Day(s): Wed & Fri 6:45 pm
(859) 626-0992

Rio Vista
Helping Dreams Come True Corp, 104 5th Street, Rio Vista
Game Day(s): Thu & Sat 6:30 PM Contact: Laura Cozort

Knights of Columbus, 6th & Winter Street, Russellville
Game Day(s): Tue 6:30pm

Salvisa Ruritan Club, Main Street, Salvisa
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

VFW #5712, 934 Old Glasgow Road, Scottsville
Game Day(s): Tue 6:30pm

DAV #155, 8701 LaGrange Road, Smithfield
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm

Ubingo, S Hwy 27, Somerset
Game Day(s): Mon thru Sun 6:00
(606) 679-8546

St Therese Church, 2516 Alexandria Pike, Southgate
Game Day(s): Sun 6:00pm

Sparta Volunteer Fire Dept, 102 Hwy 465 P.O. Box 40, Sparta
Game Day(s): Tues 7pm Contact: Jayne Smith
(859) 643-4000

Knights of Columbus, 2013 Bardstown Road, Springfield
Game Day(s): Wed 7:00pm

American Legion #345, 909 East Main Street, Stanford
Game Day(s): Thu 7:00pm

American Legion #115, #1 Veran Drive, Stearns
Game Day(s): Mon & Fri 6:30pm

Knights of Columbus #1367, 501 Sixth Street, Uniontown
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm

Valley Station
Valley Bingo Hall, 10272 Dixie Highway, Valley Station
Game Day(s): 6 days, Closed Tue
(502) 935-0744

Vanceburg Lions Club, Fairland Drive Route 59, Vanceburg
Game Day(s): Mon 6:30pm

Woodford Post #67, 138 South Main Street, Versailles
Game Day(s): Fri 7:00pm

Vine Grove
Knights of Columbus #3379, 312 E Main Street, Vine Grove
Game Day(s): Tue 7:00pm

VFW #10281, 299 Briggs Lane, Vine Grove
Game Day(s): Mon 7:00pm

Vine Grove Optimist Club, 127 West Main Street, Vine Grove
Game Day(s): Thu & Sat 7:00pm

Amvets #99, Route 40 Barrett Street, Warfield
Game Day(s): Fri 6:30pm

Warfield Community Center, Rt. 292, Warfield
Game Day(s): Mon Tues & Fri 6:00
(606) 395-6728

VFW #7101, US Hwy 27, Waynesburg
Game Day(s): Tue & Sat 7:00pm

South Whitley VFD, 3480 Highway 1804, Williamsburg
Game Day(s): Sat 6:30pm

Watts Creek Bingo, 323 Watts Creek Road, Williamsburg
Game Day(s): Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun 7:00pm
(606) 549-5139

Woodbine VFD, Highway 6, Woodbine
Game Day(s): Fri & Sat 7:00pm

Woodlawn VFD, 1110 Waterworks Rd, Woodlawn
Game Day(s): Fri 7:30pm